Number of skin cancer cases has risen sharply

Number of skin cancer cases has risen sharply / Health News

Sunbathing: number of skin cancer cases is rising strongly


According to a press report, more and more people in Central Saxony suffer from skin cancer. The main reason for the diseases is too long sunbathing, according to experts. Basically, this type of cancer would be easier to avoid than almost any other.

Skin cancer due to long sunbathing
In Central Saxony, more and more people suffer from skin cancer, according to a press report. As the „Free press“ writes, the number of cases since the year 2000 has increased significantly. In the years 2010 and 2011, there were 820 new cases in the county. In 2000, there were only 340 registered cases. The figures are from the cancer report for the Free State of Saxony. Skin cancer is one of the fastest growing tumor types. The main reason sees the medical director of the Chemnitz Tumor Center, Ronald Lange, in too long sunbathing. He told the newspaper: „The consequences often only become apparent after about 20 years.“

Healing chances of almost 100 percent
Another reason for the increase in numbers is that after the political change, more people traveled to sunny places and more often. Since 2000, the skin cancer cases have more than doubled in the district purely statistically. According to the Berlin health scientist Roland Stabenow, this is also due to the fact that the „white skin cancer“ (Spinalioma or basalioma) is fully incorporated into the data collections. This was initially done incomplete due to the chances of recovery of almost 100 percent.

Men have skin cancer more often
The statistics also show that men in the district more often have skin cancer than women. „But the women are catching up“, so long. This has to do with the fact that many women from the late 1990s used solariums partly excessive. Therefore, the experts expect that the number of skin cancer cases continues to increase. It is repeatedly pointed out by medical professionals to undergo skin cancer screening every two years. „The earlier tumors are detected, the better the chances of recovery“, said Lange.

Every two years for skin cancer screening
Statutory insured persons in Germany are entitled to a screening test every two years since July 1, 2008, starting at the age of 35, and paid by the health insurances. According to media reports, doctors annually diagnose skin cancer in more than 230,000 people nationwide, 200,000 thereof „white“ Skin cancer and the rest „black“ Skin cancer (malignant melanoma). Skin cancer is the most common type of tumor among young women in Germany, even though hardly any cancer can be avoided by prevention as well as has been shown in various studies.

Genetic predisposition and lifestyle
The „Free press“ also reports the numbers for other cancers. In 2010/2011 1,200 cancer diagnoses were reported in men 960 in women. The cause of the difference could lie not only in genetic predispositions but also in the way of life. „Smoking, alcohol abuse, massive obesity and physical inactivity increase the statistical risk of developing cancer“, explained Dr. Hans Bödeker, chief physician of the internal clinic at the hospital Freiberg.

Most common causes of cancer death
The most common cause of cancer death in men is lung cancer, followed by colon and prostate cancer. For women, it is breast cancer, followed by colon and lung cancer. According to Bödeker, pancreatic cancer is in fourth place in both sexes. „This is a sad example with mostly very poor survival prognoses“, said the expert. Chemnitz doctor Lange has an explanation why it affects men with lung cancer more often: „They smoke more often.“ (Ad)

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