Number of Ebola dead has risen to over 10,000

Number of Ebola dead has risen to over 10,000 / Health News

World Health Organization: More than 10,000 Ebola dead


The Ebola epidemic, which has been rampant in West Africa for over a year, has already claimed more than 10,000 lives. Although the disease is not yet over, it is according to the information but declining. However, other threats now threaten the affected countries.

Over 10,000 registered deaths
Meanwhile, "the Ebola epidemic has cost over 10,000 lives in the three most affected countries". This is evident from the Ebola statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO). Accordingly, the number of deaths registered in West African nations Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia by 10 March has risen to 10,004 - 43 more than a day earlier. But the epidemic continues to decline despite the fact that it has crossed the tens of thousands.

No new infections in Liberia
The WHO said that "116 new Ebola cases were registered last week, compared to 132 the week before". A particularly positive trend was recorded in Liberia, where "no new infections were reported". And in Guinea and Sierra Leone, the new cases focus on areas around the capitals of Conakry and Freetown. The concentration on only a few areas is seen by experts as a good sign.

Epidemic could soon be defeated
The leaders of the three countries had stated in mid-February that there were legitimate hopes that they would be able to defeat the epidemic that had broken out more than a year earlier by mid-April. Currently, according to the WHO, there are still 24,350 people suffering from Ebola. There is no vaccine or cure for the infectious disease. Patients are usually treated with typical Ebola symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and internal and external bleeding. However, as a result of the suspension of measles or polio vaccination programs, other epidemics are now increasingly threatening in Ebola areas, as recently reported. (Ad)

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