Yoga positive effects on body and genetic material

Yoga positive effects on body and genetic material / Health News

Yoga: effects on body and genetic material


In a Canadian study, the positive effects of yoga on the human body have been found to be extremely positive. The exercises therefore not only help to relax, but also influence the body cells and thus have a health-promoting effect.

Study shows positive effects of yoga
It has long been known that yoga is one of the relaxation exercises best suited for stress relief. But through the exercises, a health-promoting effect is achieved. This emerges from a new study. In the research, Linda Carlson and her team from Calgary University in Canada explored the effects of meditation on the human body. The 88 participants in the study had breast cancer stage I to III. All women were over 18 years old and had survived a therapy. In addition, they had beginning depression.

Emotional support for breast cancer patients
As the „world“ The researchers said that yoga or meditation would improve the condition of women. The participants were divided into three groups and received different types of psychological care. The basic assumption of the scientists was that emotional support can help breast cancer patients reduce the concentration of stress hormones in their blood. It is known that stress slows wound healing. In addition, older studies have shown that prolonged stress can affect cells in the human body to promote the formation of cancer cells.

Different treatment methods
In the study participants, pretreatment blood tests showed they had high cortisol levels in their blood. One part of the women had a session with attention exercises, yoga and meditation once a week. The women in the second group once a week discussed their feelings in group sessions. In the third group the women did not receive any treatment, as a control group they were informed only about stress management techniques. This was intended to avoid disappointment among the women who falsified the investigation.

Physiological effects achieved
After a short time it became apparent that meditation, yoga and group discussions had a physiological effect. Accordingly, the cells in the first and second groups were protected, but not in the third group. What caused this biological effect remained unclear. But it is believed, among other things, that the psyche can have a salutary effect on physical illnesses. For example, the placebo effect alone can release hormones in the brain that activate healing in the body.

Various alternative approaches checked
Only a few weeks ago it had been reported that yoga & meditation may be alternative breast cancer treatment options. Researchers in the US and Canada came to this conclusion, using 80 different approaches „alternative medicine“ had checked scientifically. The scientists have reported that yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises have been proven to help fight the anxiety associated with the disease and reduce depression, stress and fatigue. In addition, acupuncture is recommended for many patients to combat nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy. (Ad)