Miracle drug discovered against chilli spiciness

Miracle drug discovered against chilli spiciness / Health News

Mascarpone with toast best against chilli spiciness


Many people grab a glass of milk after eating chilli in the hope that it will reduce the sharpness of the mouth. But apparently there is a far more effective method: Mascarpone on a toasted bread not toasted. According to nutritionist Désirée Schneider of Fulda University of Applied Sciences, this combination is the best way to neutralize the pungency of capsaicin.

Violent cough and skin irritation due to pure capsaicin
Milk, yogurt, cheese, quark or white bread: These products have been recommended by experts so far to neutralize the burning sensation after a spicy meal. However, the nutritionist Désirée Schneider of the University of Fulda has apparently yet discovered a far more effective method. According to Mascarpone on a not toasted toast bread is the best way to neutralize chili sharpness. „Until we found out, my subjects and I had to suffer a lot, "the 29-year-old told the news agency „dpa“. Research also sets her need for spicy food: „I worked with pure capsaicin. That drove me out. It also came to severe cough and skin irritation. "

Long-lasting sharpness in the mouth as a disturbing factor in tastings
at „capsaicin“ It is a substance that is found in peppers and chili peppers and causes irritation by acting on specific receptors. „Ingrid Seuß-Baum, professor of food technology at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, explains when spicy products are tasted ", explains the reason for the long-lasting sharpness in the mouth, and so far would not be a really effective method „Acuity fighting“ been known. Désirée Schneider and her team took on the topic, precisely because sensory methods such as tasting are important tools in the industry. „That's why effective neutralization is very important in the tasting of spicy products in product development and quality control, "says Schneider.

Toastbread rubs the sharpness like a tongue scraper from the receptors
For the study, the subjects had consumed capsaicin dissolved in water and then evaluated various remedies for alleviating the acuity. The combination of toast and mascarpone was the most effective. „The capsaicin is fat-soluble and the toast rubs the sharpness like a tongue scraper from the receptors on the tongue, "Schneider explains the phenomenon, but fat, starch and sugar are generally suitable to neutralize acuteness, so with heavy burning in the mouth, too For example, sweetened condensed milk or sweet lemonade be used.

Important: When sharp, no water!
In any case, only water should be dispensed with, as this does not reduce the sharpness, but instead even distributes it in the mouth. „The reason for the influence of fat on the perception of capsaicin is probably that the lipophilic capsaicin dissolved in a fatty matrix better, thus disrupting the binding to the pain receptor in the mouth, while the polar solvent water capsaicin can not solve“, so the report in the „Nutritional look around“.

Results interesting for the entire food industry
According to food chemist Christoph Sippels, the results from Fulda are very interesting for the entire food industry, „Mascarpone on toast - we'll give it a try. "He also used dairy products such as quark or yoghurt to neutralize strong tests in tests, reports the deputy chairman of the Sensorics Committee of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), which carries out quality controls For the food industry through, so sharpness was also for Sippel so far often a problem in tests.Also for the world's largest food company Nestlé, the findings from Fulda seem to be relevant. „That mascarpone mitigates the sharpness because of its fat content, I can well imagine. This is certainly an effective solution for products with high chilli sharpness, "says Nestlé sensory expert Helge Fritsch „dpa“.

Picture: Katrin Huber-Sheik