Wounds heal with maggot Pupse?

Wounds heal with maggot Pupse? / Health News

Singaporean researchers are currently working on trapping maggots and making a spray. Maggots Pupse should heal wounds and kill bacteria.

(09.06.2010) Putting a certain strain of fly maggots on wounds of patients so that they can heal better is an ancient method of natural healing, which was already used by the aborigines of Australia. Singaporean scientists have now determined in a series of tests that the "farts" of maggots could have equally effective healing of poorly healing wounds. Because if the maggots "puff", then grow according to media reports, certain types of bacteria worse. The exact background of these modes of action has not yet been explored.

If medical wound healing no longer helps, many patients seek alternative treatments. Often, maggots are the last resort. These are placed on the open wounds, which then begin immediately to eat away the dead tissue. This method also has an antibacterial effect and makes the wounds heal better again. The scientists from Singapore are now trying to capture the puke of the maggots to make a spray. This spray should then be sprayed on the open wounds. The spray is designed to help people overcome their disgust, as most patients have big problems letting the maggots on their wounds. Whether this method will actually be successful has not yet been clearly proven and will emerge later. (Sb)