Heat therapy and biological cancer defense

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Heat therapy and biological cancer defense: „Hyperthermia in complementary medicine supplements other therapies“


„We also see heat therapy as a co-meditative method in complementary medicine to support other therapies. For example, it can accompany radiation and chemotherapy in cancer, in order to increase its effectiveness and to better adjust the patient's immune system to possible side effects of conventional medicine“, says Prof. dr. András Szász, founder of oncothermia, a special form of heat therapy. The current article in the women's magazine Bild der Frau (issue 30, 18 July 2014) presents such a classification and application.

He reports on a patient with peritoneal cancer who is treated chemotherapy. After that she searches „following accompanying treatment methods, which have a supportive and strengthening effect“. The patient also chooses treatment with hyperthermia. Picture of the woman points out that heat therapy strengthens the body's own defenses: „In addition, cancer cells are more sensitive to heat than healthy ones. They are more likely to die. In addition, to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy, she also receives mistletoe extracts. Meanwhile, she was able to convince the health insurance that she urgently needs the additional therapy.“ Szász: „This report shows how heat therapy can be used in complementary medicine, in conjunction with other biological as well as classic oncology techniques. Cancer cells become sensitized to other therapies. Self-healing powers can be stimulated.“

In this co-medicative concept, oncothermia fits in as locally effective heat therapy. However, their warming effect focuses - unlike the whole body warming - targeted the tumor. Chemotherapy and radiation therapies are more effective when sick tissue is selectively heated and perfused more intensively. Because: Cancer tissue conducts electrical energy better than healthy tissue. This allows healthy cells to be separated from diseased cells. Oncothermia only places sick cells under thermal stress. The goal is to drive the cells to their own death. Oncothermia allows the treatment of many tumor sites, especially cervical cancer, breast cancer, black skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, anal cancer. (Pm)